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  1. artboy

    The Sapling Wallet- Signature Series

    If left side of two is connected with a soft materials like leather or rubber, it can be real fancy. It's my opinion. but try once!
  2. artboy

    Sea Spider

    thank you, Claus. Your right.. very precise pointing out. I'm not a professional car designer to make a real car, but It was not for just a fun but thx anyway... real helped and roused me. will you check my blog.. feedback me if you think I'm worth of it. https://keyboyart.blogspot.com
  3. artboy

    Sea Spider

    dear guests, any commentary will be appreciated as a feedback!
  4. artboy

    Sea Spider

    Here I introduce you my design concept, 'sea spider' a car design concept inspired by 'Sea Spider' which is actually don't exist, but exists in my imaginary world. you can guess it as a jumping spider which has features of things like Atlantis, Poseidon so I tried to express feelings, touches of 'spider' and 'marine stuffs' WELL as you can see, radiator grill means gill of marine animals or spider fang! headlight means the jumping spider's big round eyes! tire rim is formed by 6 trident of Poseidon. side mirror.. which is pretty interesting thing is that it is PERISCOPE. from back to front driver's eyes, it delivers light without Distortion of Distance. Why I'm doing this... hmm It may hard to understand. but very important. the CAR is the most generalized, universal product worldwide. people are growing, influenced by what they have seen, so it becomes more and more important to protect the rights to see good designs. today, more money means more powerful design. looks like macho, or luxury.. It only deteriorates the gap between the rich and the poor. well, not to contain this in designs is the designer's responsibility, I think. I tried to suggest one of example : the using of natural features. I just hope that it will purify them. most important formula : exchanges rich into friendly. I don't think this car will sold in a cheap price, if maden. How about them?? did you enjoyed and agreed??

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