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    A New Website Of Online Car Designing School

    Hi!Thanks for reply! how does the online learning system compare to a live Design Studio environment? >We use ChatWork. http://www.chatwork.com/ This system is very easy to use. Trainees will learn techniques for sketch and styling design which are required for car designing during 12 sessions in the first half and 12 sessions in the other half with textbooks and videos. After each session, trainees are required to submit their work regarding to assignments. Trainees are expected to improve their designing skills by correction and advices from Mr. Kurihara and other professional car designers from NORI INC. Is this course accredited with any international recognition or certification? >Not yet. Best regards.
  2. Hello. I am Yu Nakasone from CAR DESIGN ACADEMY (in Japon). We would like to inform you that we have launched a new website of Online Car Designing School under the supervision of an internationally well-known Car Designer, Mr. Nori Kurihara. CAR DESIGN ACADEMY URL   http://cardesign.me http://cardesign.me/academy/ facebook URL http://www.facebook.com/cardesignacademy We are currently working on our unique and strategic projects in collaboration with Japanese automobile brands. < about CAR DESIGN ACADEMY > Opening expected on 5th August 2013 (Total 24 sessions) Supervised & Lecturered by Mr. Noriyoshi Kurihara URL: http://cardesign.me/academy/ Summary: E-learning of essential techniques for car designing using textbook/video. The learners will be required to submit works each session and aim to improve their designing skills by correction and advices from Mr. Kurihara and other professional car designers from NORI INC including support to the learners for their career development as car designers. References (English): http://www.startup-dating.com/2013/07/car-design-academy References (Japanese): http://auto.hobidas.com/auto/carnews/article/137263.html http://headlines.yahoo.co.jp/hl?a=20130623-00000014-rps-bus_all&13... Personal History--------------------------- Nori Kurihara President/Design Director NORI Incorporated,Odawara Japan Born September 12, 1953 : Saitama, Japan 1974: Graduated Kuwasawa Design School Industrial Design Course 1974 - 1978 :Honda R & D (Motorcycle Design) 1979 : Perugia University, Italy 1979 - 1982 : Ital Design, Turin, Italy(Automobile and Product Design)   1982 - 1986 : Ford of Europe Europian Design Centers : Dunton, UK / Cologne, Germany 1986 - 2001: Founding partner of Design Club International Incorporated ( DCI ), industrial design consultants. About 300 major projects since incorporation. Approximately 90% automotive exterior and interior design. Product design ranging from cosmetics packaging,computers, electrical goods and sports goods to complete aircraft interior design. Full design process from concept - making to vehicle prototype - making. The only complete design service of this type in Japan. 2001 - Present:Resigning from DCI and forming new design company NORI INC. Journalism : 1991-Present   Regular monthly column for “Tipo” car magazine. Also Taxi industry publications, car magazines and design magazines. Design Awards : 1999 IDSA Industrial Design Excellence Awards. Design Studies category : Silver Prize for City Access Taxi “CAT”.  

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