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  1. More and more people would do cnc machining in China recently because the low cost. But sometimes would meet some problem,so would you like to share your comments to China cnc machining?Any of your comments is very very meaningful to us.
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    My Product Design Portfolio

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    Material And Process For Prototype Shoe

    You could do the another rubber on it with over mold technology. Regarding to the material,how about the pvc? Anyway,there are difference between the prototype material and injection material. The picture below is the over mold sample at Jevny technology Co.,Ltd
  4. We focus in precise cnc machining and 3D printer with lowest price and fast turnaround time. Does your project like the picture show below?If that,we could quote for you(Please send 3d file to daniel.lou@jevny.com)to quote.
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    New Blog: Chinadesignhub.com

    thanks for your information!!
  6. Looks nice,but it is easy project exactly. ABS+PC+Painting+Silk Screening+Laser Etching could meet the effect perfectly like the picture attached.
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    Why is special?
  8. Nice concept.Have you make it real one? If"the temperature inside the closed box was getting close to 140 degrees Fahrenheit",do not choose acrylic material.
  9. ABS and Rubber is no problem for this project if just mock up model!!

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