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  1. Chaieb

    The Sapling Wallet- Signature Series

    Fonctionnally Its very Handy and useful and you easily put your cards into it ! but in its appearance it dont looks like a wallet when you see it at the first time i thought it was a pack of cigarettes
  2. Chaieb

    Help Me In My Career

    Hi iam new in this forum , well iam new in the field of industrial Design too , i started lately some course In 3D with "Blender" And also i started to pratic some sketchs , but i feel like iam missing things like expereince so if you have advices for me in this new field , dont hesitate to help me . and give good ressources if you have "sry for my bad english"
  3. Chaieb

    Ceramic Pipe

    What software you use ?

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