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  1. Looking forward to the current job market, which demands professionals who are highly educated and skilled; the need for executive education is rising. To hold a respectable position and to match up with the upcoming developments in your domain of work, you need to enhance your skills and knowledge through some executive course matching your domain. A lot of people face problems selecting the right executive program that will match their requirements. So, here are some key tips that they should keep in mind that will help them select the most appropriate course for them: 1) Course Should Be Inclusive 2) Look For Accreditation 3) Alumni Status 4) Verify Cost
  2. harrysethi

    Online Education?

    Hey online education is definitely a good option for working professionals like you who cannot leave their job for full time studies. Moreover it almost similar to full time education so nothing to worry and moreover its cheap and short so its adds to the cause.
  3. harrysethi

    Help With My Career

    See I can get to your problem and i have a suggestion for you if you ever got an opportunity I would advice you to join a firm as experience in a company is of more value than freelancing. Rest till you don't get a job do freelancing work as its better to stay engaged rather to sit down and relax.
  4. Hello everyone my name is Anita and I am new to this forum . i am an education consultant by perofession and looking out to gain some useful knowledge out here an dalso spred any I have. Hope to have a good time out here.

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