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  1. Sculpting is another thing, but my interest is mostly on joint articulations of the figure. I've been drawing my joint ideas on the papers, and I believe it is time to put my ideas into 3D and maybe print them for prototype purposes. I want to know which software toy designers use to design joints and etc? I especially want to know what those Japanese company people use... I heard some people use Rhino, Solidworks, 3Dmax and etc. If any of you guys are familiar with some toy companies, I will list them out and maybe tell me which softwares they use... 1. Good Smile Company (Max Factory Figma line.) 2. Bandai Japan (SH Figuarts line.) 3. Mattel (Though I am not a big fan of this line, I would still like to know what they use.) If any of those 3 lists ring a bell, please help enlighten me, so that I may have an idea which program to look for... To do some research on those programs, before I actually decide to buy one. Thank you.

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