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  1. Hello . I am a mechanical engineer but I want to move into design field since i love design work, freedom to think and have good sketching skills ..i ve prepared an entry level portfolio as well but i dont know what course to do. I searched some courses and schools but those are too expensive specially the US ones. Should i do a degree or some diploma course in industrial design. I dont want to do a 4 yrs bachelor degree since i dont have time nd money for dat. Please suggest me some good school nd course with moderate or less fee. Thnks
  2. Rishabh

    Human Powered Products

    I have to do a project on human powered product like clockwork radio or freeplay torch but these very old ideas. Chips that convert little pressure or temperature into electrical energy are in talks these days. Any ideas or suggestions on something I can work and design??? Thanks
  3. Hello I have been accepted for IPD at Brunel university. Does anyone here know about the course, and it's scope. I have an engineering background and possess good sketching skills and full of ideas and I want to use my creativity and ideas to create new products. Is this course suitable for me???? Anyone studying there please throw some light on the course, placements and scope. Thanks
  4. thnx for replying first of all..... but I am going for the masters course itself namely - Msc in product design engineering / integrated product design. My course is not of three years, it is of 1 year or two maximum. I have a bachelors in egnineering and I am good at sketching and ideas. Do you know about glasgow school of art. IS it good??? Please guide me further.
  5. I have heard currently there is high recession in UK. I was planning of doing a masters in ID from univeristies like glasgow, brunel, loughborough. But I heard it is very difficult to find job due to recession particularly for outsiders. Should I do the course??? Anyone having experience please guide me................
  6. Hi I am a engineering graduate. I am looking forward to study masters in product design engineering at glasgow school of art. Any one here knows about the program and the school itself?? Is it a good option???
  7. admissions are open in glasgow school of art. Is it a good school???
  8. Same, deadlines passed. I guess I have realized pretty late to go for masters in design.
  9. I am thinking about Florence Design Academy. Is it a good school???? It's fee is also less. It also has a one year program which I can take to lay down my foundations in ID and then I may do Masters from same or other institute IF NEEDED. or I could directly do a masters . Plus I love Italy. TU Delft masters program is very nice indeed but the deadline of application has passed away month ago. I don't want to wait till next year. So, please tell me some other good options.
  10. Yes, I do. I just think every moment I should have taken ID instead of engineering at undergraduate level. Whenever, I see new products or other things, I always think I could have made it better. But the problem is what course to choose?? Is the masters course right for me?? as I have no background in ID. I searched and found florence design academy, Is it a good school. It's fee is also moderate. They have a two year course in ID. It's not a masters course but a two year course so I think would be suitable for me. However, I dont know I am eligible. I have mailed them and awaiting response. Please, tell me some good schools that would have a course suitable for me and fee should be relatively less compared to most US schools. PLEASE HELP ME!!! I REALLY NEED GUIDANCE !!!
  11. HELLO I have a bachelor's in mechanical engineering but I want a career in design because I want a career in creative and artistic field where I can use my creativity and imagination. Engineering study was fun but I don't like the job in factories and all plus I didn't graduate from a prestigious college. Now I am interested in transportation design and industrial design but I have heard that jobs in transportation design are very less as compared to ID. So, I was thinking about a masters in industrial design. Now comes the sketching part. I have attached some of my transportation design sketches as I haven't scanned my industrial design sketches yet. They would give you an idea of my sketching skills which are not too good to be honest but are okay I guess. So, all I am worried is am I doing right thing to go for a master design course??? Yes, I have the creativity, skills required to become a designer but still I wonder If doing a master course would help me. I wonder what if don't get a job after that which is my biggest concern. What do you guys think??? any guidance is appreciated. Also, please tell me some good schools for masters in industrial design which are not too expensive as I highly doubt considering myself for a scholarship because my ID portfolio isn't that strong because of no past experience but I can learn and learn pretty fast.

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