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  1. Hi Rishabh. I have no experience of Glasgow and I don't know anyone who has studied there, I think it could be good, but everywhere is what you make it. I have seen Brunel and loughborough degree shows and think both are very good. Brunel is very engineering based. All universities have open days where you can visit and have a look around. If you are abroad, it may be harder to visit, but it might be worth contacting the admissions departments of each university to see if this is possible to do in the same week. This may be the best way to make your choice. PT
  2. There is a recession in the uk, but that shouldn't influence your decision of where to study. Most design courses are a minimum of three years, but with a good degree from a good university, you could get a job anywhere in the world. Universities like Loughborough and Brunel have excellent tutors and facilities, are visited by great lecturers and also have good partners in industry. I would study at one of the best places to learn design and create a fantastic portfolio, in 3years time things could have improved, if not then you have the skills and portfolio to hopefully get a job anywhere in the world, or if lucky you could be doing a masters at the RCA. Who knows what things will be like in 3 years time where ever you go! Choose what you feel is the best place to learn design first, worry about the job when you are getting close to graduating. PT
  3. Why so few options? What is the purpose of the poll?
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  5. It's an interesting idea and easy to see ways to grow the business. On the front of the site you need to attach a click through link to the text ( Watch the video how to fix the clock. ) to the wall. Lots of ceilings have coving, so it would be good to come up with a solution that addressses this as currently you are limiting your potential market to people with modern ceilings/corners or modifying the design to suit the individual on request, where as an off the shelf adaptable solution would save you a lot of time. As an example, if the front of the design was made from a plastic (like polyprop) with the typical coving shapes printed on the back with a scissor icon, buyers could hand cut two corners off as required. I'm not suggesting this as the actual solution as I'm sure there is a better way, but hope it will give you some ideas. PT

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