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  1. Solidworks all the way! 1. Form - I find that AutoCad does not give nearly as much control over form. I love the geometry drawings in SW, and with a good build in SW you can see how every part comes together and details that dont show up in a CAD drawing. Rhino does support a superior tangency tool, but I've never found a real need for it, and I find the user experience a bit squishy compared to sw. 2. Fasteners, cut/weld lists, drawings all connected. Set up right you can just edit a project and have it automate all drawings etc. 3. Mechanincs - A properly set up tilt base assembly in SW will move as it does in real life. Showing range of motion etc. 4. Stress tests - Its not all that hard to set up a load calculation check to see if a part will bend or break with different material properties. and for rendering the built in guy is ok, but I prefer keyshot.
  2. KnightofCups

    Offsetting In Solidworks

    I'm not sure I'd use an assembly. I would just use an offset face to split the body and don't select 'consume cut bodies'. This will give you two bodies in the same part.

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