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  1. BrandonDouglas

    Opinions On My All-In-One Hi Fi System (For A-Level Course)

    Firstly, thank you for taking the time to reply I went with acrylic primarily because it's pretty much the only plastic we work with in my school, and thought the glossy look would be attractive. I see what you mean about the premium feel of the product, it is something I can mention when discussing how I would improve my design! As for the strength of the acrylic, I agree it's not the best/ideal material but I think it could manage knocks and bumps, it has a fair amount of flex to it. The joints would probably give before the material! - When I was designing the housing for the speakers, I used the dimensions of the housing they came out of assuming that it was an ideal size. I also researched that 18mm MDF has great acoustic properties which is why I chose that thickness and material. My other plan was to purchase acoustic foam that I would line the inside of the housing with, removing any parallel surfaces to imrpove the sound, but I didn't fancy paying for it in the end We do use a laser cutter but it's hard to match everything up when there's imperfections in the dimensions of things after you've built it (MDF being 1mm off etc.) And I forgot to account for the extra 3mm thickness the acrylic would give to the size of my design so there are some faults there. And finally, thank you... I was definitely fond of the design myself, if I only I could have perfected making it! - Maybe I can give the design brief to someone here and see what they come up with Your critique is welcome, I appreciate it! Cheers, Brandon.
  2. BrandonDouglas

    Opinions On My All-In-One Hi Fi System (For A-Level Course)

    The MDF was all 18mm, and the acrylic is 3mm. The internal MDF structure was screwed together and the screws are counter sunk. Acrylic was stuck to MDF with contact adhesive and acrylic stuck to acrylic with Tensol cement This is my beautiful electrical work
  3. BrandonDouglas

    Opinions On My All-In-One Hi Fi System (For A-Level Course)

    This is where I am up to, as you can see I'm no pro builder, there were imperfections all over the place really. But at this point I'm just trying to finish it for my deadline (Tuesday) in a few days.
  4. Hi, My name is Brandon Douglas, I am 18 and go to Woodbridge High School in Redbridge. I'm doing my A2 course in Product Design and need professional opinions on a design I have made of an 'All-In-One' HiFi System. I will include step-by-step pictures of the 3D CAD design and try to explain the process of the design. I'd really appreciate it if you could reply, commenting on the aesthetics of the design, and it's pros and cons with regards to it being purposed for parties. Brief: The system combines 5 speakers (2 Subs & 2 Mids from an old Sony MHC RG290) and a single Tweeter from eBay. It uses a small amp (also from ebay 'link') to power the speakers (I was paying so it's just a cheap one, nothing special). To add some innovation to my design I incoorporated RGB LED lights that can be remotely controlled to create different atmospheres/moods dependant on the music played. The light is softened and blurred by clear frosted acrylic (as you will see from pictures). The design is intended to be an all-in-one home party solution, so should therefore be rugged enough to withstand any knocks and bumps you would expect from a bunch of drunken people. Less talk, more pictures

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