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  1. Ray Cecil

    Ergonomics: Digital Caliper

    I have those exact same pair of calipers in my hands, I have large hands. I have no problems operating this device. The only thing that I can think of that would be nice to have on them is to help find hole depths. Let me explain. On the end where the slide comes out to insert into a hole, put a "T" on that end that can straddle a hole larger than the width of the surface with the measurment marks. If you look close to this end, there is a little bar with two tiny screws in it...simply make that flat bar/plate extend out, or have it be able to flip out when you need it.
  2. Ray Cecil

    Strolletor: Futuristic Stroller

    Do you have kids? I have two sons. Im sorry, but this design would do nothing but tick off my wife. Its complelty impractical in real world use. Things we look for in a stroller: How does it fit in a minivan or car trunk? Can you push it over gravel and dirt? How many sippy cup holders will it carry? How many two years olds can it fit? Will a standard infant car seat fit onto it so we don't have to move the baby out of the car seat? Is there a place to store the diaper bag? Is there a place to store crackers and cheerios for snacks? Are the materials tough enough for a child to be constantly drooling, spitting, clawing at? Can you wipe boogers off of it easy? etc etc etc. Honestly, if you haven't had kids, you might not want to consider designing anything for use by new parents. Not trying to be mean, but we have had products that where supposed to make our lives easier but actually made life more complicated. Good luck.
  3. Ray Cecil

    Career Advise & Help

    Martin, I started in my New Product Designer role after being a draftsman. I do mechanical design. I went to ITT Tech and receieved an Associates degree in Computer Aided Design and Drafting. My creditials aren't as impressive as many on this site, but I have done well for myself. I have designed metal roofing for Metal Sales Manufacturing Corp, Robotics for CRTS Inc, and now tank valves for Enardo LLC. I learned Solidworks at CRTS inc. and have recently recieved my CSWP certification. (Certified Solidworks Professional). I have been using Solidworks, AutoCAD, Inventor, all Microsoft office applications for awhile now. This path has worked well for me, but the ITT degree is expensive, and I argue that a Design degree from a traditional University would be better. ITT is what you make of it, a lot of people go there thinking they are taking an easy way to a good job, but many flunk out, and the guys/gals who make it get as good an education as they make it. I wasn't very impressed with many of the instructors, although there were several of high caliber. If you like design, and since you are older (or getting there), you have alternatives. I highly suggest you look into Geoff Lawton's website www.geofflawton.com. Its nor product design, but ecosystem design that has focus on other mechanical systems as well. And you work for yourself, not anyone else. My wife and I are in the planning stages of beginning to follow his design principles. He has a new series of videos that can change the way you look at design for the rest of your life. Ray Cecil III, CSWP and Permaculture Designer

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