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  1. Greetings Product Design Forums members! I'm happy to report that the Kickstarter for my laptop pack, the Packswell Freelance, has funded with 48 hours to go! Head on over and check it out. http://kck.st/WEdArZ
  2. dustindriver

    Packswell Laptop Pack

    Hello! Check out my first product, the Freelance laptop pack by Packswell: http://kck.st/WEdArZ It's a clean, simple pack designed to carry the gear you use to get the job done. It has pockets to organize all your stuff, a padded laptop sleeve with easy access, and a super-bright interior so you can see inside without a flashlight. And it's made in the USA. Thoughts/opinions would be much appreciated. This is my first product and it's still in development. Lots of room for improvement or adjustment. Thanks! -Dustin

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