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  1. I have done loads of research just cant find any flaws! existing baking products are all simple, the only thing i could do is make it graphically more exciting for children! a rough idea i had was using the iPad as a guidance. I thought of incorporating the iPad into the chopping board so children aswell as adults can follow instructions whilst chopping and mixing things up as they are looking down at what is in front of them? But still i am not sure as it may not work! i would create an app that has timers and recipes to follow when cooking? this could also add fun as using the iPad could make cooking for fun and accurate. what do you think, any other suggestions? I know its relating back to the family using technology but as long as they as doing something physical and interactive its classed as family bonding! thanks
  2. I have been stuck on my final project for weeks now. Stressing me out and winding me up now! My topic is family bonding and how technology has separated individuals within the home. Tried to go down the gaming route and create a new interactive game but just couldn't think of anything! Ive now decided i want to create something in the baking/kitchen area, that will encourage kids to put down technology and be excited to make and bake with parents in the kitchen. i don't mind adding technological form to help kids. All the baking products have been created and i want to make something new and fun that will bring bak good family values! Any ideas of what i can create?! Heres a brief i found that could help : http://www.dandad.org/learning/projects/seymourpowell thanks in advance for any help!

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