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  1. Hi. Can you please tell me which professionals conduct user research for product design companies and projects? I wonder if psychologists conduct that kind of research. Please help me with my question. It's important .
  2. Hi. I wish to know what can a psychologist specialize in in order to help in product design projects? It's important . Thank you in advance.
  3. I'll be making leaflets for an organization. They'll have a very original folding design, which is of my authorship. Is that folding design automatically protected so it won't be copied without my consent, since I designed it? If not, is there something I can do to protect it? It's importante for me to know. Thank you in advance.
  4. Gerardo

    Handle Size For A Shopping Bag?

    Thanks... I guess that's my best option. I thought there could be some sort of anthropometrical answer behind this question .
  5. Gerardo

    Handle Size For A Shopping Bag?

    Any ideas?... pleeeease .
  6. Hi, I'm a TOTAL amateur and I really just do this for fun. Anyway, I'm designing a paper shopping bag; it will include a wide hole at the top of the bag on both sides as handles. That's a very traditional design that I'm sure many of you know. My question is, what is the widest and narrowest that I could make that hole for a hand according to your knowledge? Is there some sort of standard sizes for the handles in this kind of designs? I'm including this link of the kind of shopping bag I'm talking about: http://www.lulusoso.com/upload/20120307/punch_hole_paper_bag.jpg
  7. I invented a very simple tool. I don't want to spend too much money in it, like using a patent, cause I want to teach how to make it through the Web. The only thing I don't want is for it to be used in a commercial setting without my permission; that's the only reason why I would like to somehow legally protect it. Does anyone know how else could I do it without spending to much money? Thanks in advance!
  8. Gerardo

    Forums In Spanish?

    HI EVERYONE: Since I know both English and Spanish, I'm really interested in discussing about industrial design in both languages. Unfortunately, I've been incapable of finding a forum in Spanish by searching with Google. Can anyone help me find a industrial design forum in Spanish? I would really appreciate it! PS: Did I post this in the right section? I hope I did

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