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  1. Hello in this tutorial we are going to learn how to create a plastic bottle by using different advance modeling techniques that can be applied to model advanced and free form shapes. Modeling free-form shapes requires some techniques for creating features that are quite unlike the extruded or revolved shapes. This tutorial will go through the steps while creating plastic and it is easy to follow for even a beginner to 3D CAD. Follow below link for more details. Creating Plastic Bottle in SolidWorks - Tutorial for Beginners Cheers!
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    Hello to everyone, I am from India and stay in Nellore city. I am very much interested in MCAD applications like SolidWorks and CATIA. I am not an expert but I try to do something useful with it. Basically I am a Civil Engineer and I work more with AutoCAD. Regards, Srinivas.

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