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  1. Ajmal Abdullah

    Inspired By Nature: Honeycomb Panels From 95% Air.

    Nice. But, is it relatively cheap though?
  2. Ajmal Abdullah

    New Zealand's Good Guy Greg

    Greg Young is a professional architectural designer based in Christchurch, New Zealand. Inevitably, as a designer he bought a Volkswagen Kombi van and spent another NZD 20, 000 to redesign the interior features for his personal use. His Kombi Van was a finalist in the National Residential Interior at the 2011 Architectural Designers of New Zealand (ADNZ) Awards. In the same year, 22 February 2011 to be exact, a powerful earthquake struck Christchurch City that caused significant damages and fatalities. On the first day of the disaster, Greg Young sent his pimped out van to the Civil Defense headquarters to help out. His van was used by an elderly couple who were suffering from shock. New Zealand's Good Guy Greg? I believe he is.
  3. Ajmal Abdullah


    Hello Everyone, According to the title of this site and the activities underneath it, I believe this is the right place to introduce myself. My name is Ajmal Abdullah. However, if you're having difficulty to pronounce Ajmal, you can call me AJ. I am from Malaysia and currently studying Product Development Engineering at Massey University, New Zealand. I'm really into product design and development and I wish to seek every opportunity to learn new things. I started a web-blog, 'Designer Around Us' a month ago to gather inspirations as I'll be doing a final year project, next year. Best regards, Ajmal Abdullah

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