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  1. Ray

    Some Bottle Design Tricks

    How are you able to sweep with the guide curves? I keep getting the error saying that the end points must lie on the plane of the profile.
  2. Ray

    On Piercing And Lofting - Basic Tut.

    This was a very concise and thoroughly illustrated tutorial. There is much insight packed into this one page. Thank you very much for your hard work in making this information available. The only problem that I ran into was the thickening of the surface. I did some research and found out that if there is a singularity, that is, if the UV curves merge into a single point, thickening won't work, unless you use a crazy microscopic thickness value. I haven't figured out how to create the loft w/o the face curves merging into one point though. Thanks again! Do you have any books available? Ray

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