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  1. asketchyguy

    First Year Id Student Work

    Hi everybody, I am a first-year student at Arizona State University studying Industrial Design. This is my very first post and I'm not even sure this is the best place to be posting something like this but I thought I would share some of my work from my studio class this year. I feel that a lot of the exercises and project we've done are really well thought-out and a great learning experience especially for us as newcomers to the game of design, but also to everyone, experienced or not. I know a lot of you may have been through this kind of exercise before, but I would invite you all (if you ever find time in your extremely design-flooded schedules) to try this out, as I found it very challenging and brain-teasing but also very fun and rewarding. Let me start with some background about the program here at ASU. There was no portfolio to be accepted into the program as a freshmen. This means that the first year studio starts out very basic, almost as an art drawing class, but the learning seems to have skyrocketed from 9 months ago. First semester was focused heavily on straight drawing skills such as line quality, perspective, composition, scale, etc. Then this semester we got into the fun stuff, sketch sets, brainstorming, problem solving, ideation, creation of concepts in 3-D, and designing feasible and realistic products. All projects from this semester then go into a portfolio, and we submit this to apply to get into upper devision for the next three years. There will be about 80-100 applicants and about 32 of us will be accepted. Pretty Nervewrecking! I guess that's why ASU is rated top 10 in the country for ID. Anyways... The project I’m posting was titled “Semantic Forms”. Semantics is defined as the relationships among signs and symbols and the objects they represent. In terms of product design, this means designing things so that the user automatically knows how to use it judging by its form and the way it looks. Our assignment was to make three forms, each of which convey actions which are meant to be performed on them, which were “push”, “turn 90 degrees to the right and pull”, and then “grab and pull hard”. The idea was to make forms so that when people see them, they automatically know to push, or pull, etc. We were paired into groups of 2 and only allowed 2 weeks to complete this task, which was quite hard but pretty rewarding in the end. Below are pictures of my ideation/sketching process, study models and final models and presentation board. All sketches are ballpoint pen and models are pink polystyrene extruded foam, spackled and painted white. Feedback is much appreciated but mostly sit back and Enjoy! and again I strongly suggest you give this a go because you will without a doubt learn something by the end. Also sorry if the pictures are broken up.
  2. asketchyguy

    Project Displayed At Naias 2013 : Car-D-Board

    Awesome models, really like the concept. Is there a chassis or is the body/frame 100% cardboard? what are the safety elements of it for actual driving conditions, in case of accident?
  3. This is a really awesome idea, I love the credit card stand, that's so simple but really useful. Congrats on you reaching your backing goal! I'd buy one even though i don't really need the sim card compartment haha.

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