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  1. There's a new contest at Patexia on special effects device for creating an artificial flame (an interesting industrial design project). The goal is to find references proving that the ideas was not original at the time it was patented (prior art search). The device uses a chaotic pendulum and reflection of light to create a flame without fire. There's a $3000 prize if you can show how it's been done before. You can see more here http://www.patexia.com/contests/flame
  2. j_patexia

    Patent Search Contests

    I thought some of the members of the community might be interested in viewing/participating in some of the patent search contests at Patexia (www.patexia.com/contests). Generally the objective is to figure out whether a given idea is original or not at the time. If it's something you've seen before, many times the search can be very fast. Prizes usually range from $1000 to $5000. Since a lot of the ideas are general inventions (e.g. www.patexia.com/contests/ear-warmer) I thought that the people here might have a really good chance to do well the combination of patent search skills and product design experience.

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