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  1. padepap

    Elm Wood Furniture

    Yes, it is strong, I mean we use it. And we use it often and sometimes for big dinners and parties..
  2. padepap

    Elm Wood Furniture

    Thanks. All together, it took about two weeks (2 nightstands, 2 chairs and 1 table). We were 2 people. But of course we would be faster the second time, and with a bigger number of the same furniture..
  3. padepap

    Elm Wood Furniture

    hey Pandebus, thanks Well, these furniture are handcrafted. Which means first, that it's expensive. But which means as well that it's not necessary to build too times the exactly same. you can adapt and develop the furniture easily. It is also very local. The wood we built it out of, comes from a tree which was standing right were now the woodshop stands (it's the woodshop of my grand-father). We don't know what way we want to go with the furniture. Somehow we believe in handcrafts, even it's difficult in the times of ikea. I mean, it worked in earlier times. We like the very old furniture, a chair which survives his owner. If something breaks, you just fix it, no problem. I would like to tell you something about the manufacturing, but I just don't know the english words. What I can say is that we have very basic but very good machines and tools. A really good circular saw and a really simple planing machine are the most important.. I hope that helps a little to understand our design, bests, Patrick
  4. padepap

    Elm Wood Furniture

    Hi, I would like to show you the solid wood furniture I designed and built this year with a friend from university and ask you to comment on it.. We built it in the wood shop of my grandfather. It was a very good experience.. What do you think? You can see more images also on the homepage (www.ulmenholz.ch) I designed (I'm not very good with the technical stuff, but with firefox it runs well) Thanks
  5. padepap


    Hi everybody, I'm Patrick. Architect or at least student of Architecture. But I do like design (like all architects, I guess). Industrial Design, Graphic Design. Not to possess things, but just to get ideas, just to think about the environment. I designed some wooden furniture with a friend this year (www.ulmenholz.ch). I also did the homepage for it (I'm not that good with the technical stuff yet, but in firefox, the page works well). Anyway, looking forward to be part of this community..

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