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  1. You should keep in mind that often people who study ID don't end up becoming designers. Here in Holland at least about 60% of ID students end up becoming managers in some company or other.
  2. Pandebus

    Sketches To Kickstarter?

    I think it's an interesting concept and executed very nicely. Probably your best bet is to just roll it out and see how it is received. I think, personally (although I'm not an expert on the matter) that this would be great as a function of the Kickstarter website. As a standalone website I don't think it will be used very much - people are lazy and why would they go on prefundia to see concepts where the inventor hasn't even taken the time to make a kickstarter campaign, if they can just go on Kickstarter and see other concepts that have more info and interesting videos. Maybe you can put prefundia on kickstarter and see what the response is
  3. wow, awesome pictures! The blue light also looks really good
  4. Pandebus

    1St Portfolio Website

    thanks for the tips =)
  5. looks neat. Not saying I would do any better, but here are some things that come to my mind (I realize that you won't be able to change much until tuesday, sorry about that ^^): - I'm wondering whether Acrylic is the best material to go with? It doesn't really give the product a 'premium' feel, something that a hi-fi system should have IMHO. (also, it is not so very strong, so the outside will break easily if it is bumped around by drunk people…) - at the moment the shape doesn't give it any added functionality. Usually HiFi systems try to use the shape to give it good audio qualities (so the sound waves fill each part of the room, instead of canceling each other out) - are you using a laser cutter? If so, I see no reason why the controller shouldn't fit better into the acrylic shape. If not, you should I really like the idea with the light though - it is a unique feature for your design. just some critique, might seem a bit harsh, but know that for a school project this looks really good
  6. Pandebus

    1St Portfolio Website

    Hiya everybody, I recently launched my website to showcase some of my work. It's still a work in progress, there are a few known issues. If you find a bit that is broken, it'd be great if you could post a screenshot (I'm fairly new at the whole coding thingy ) www.pauldemedeiros.com what do ya guys think?
  7. Pandebus

    3D Printed Cycling Glasses

    Pretty neat design. I wonder whether there's any light leaking over the top? seeing as it's such a square design. Also, how did you manage to make the hinges? seems to me like a pretty difficult hint to do with a 3D printer...
  8. Pandebus

    Wacom With Integrated Harddisk

    I suggest you take a look at the Wacom DTU's, maybe you can use them in combination with a laptop. Rumor is that Wacom is working on a tablet (kinda like the iPad) with the functionality you describe, but as far as I know those are only rumors. Also take a look at Lenovo Thinkpad tablets, I think I remember seeing some with pressure sensitive pens.
  9. Pandebus

    Questions & Answers

    "Entries with 5 or more progress images in their thread might receive a bonus vote." Will this be honored, or not?
  10. My final submission Sorry to say I didn't have enough time to make some neater sketches… And no colors, cuz no markers I decided not to go with the trailer idea: the idea is just too crazy, plus I don't think it makes sense to make one for designers in general. If one where to design one you'd have to look at the designer that is going to use it: what are his habits, preferences, and how does he/she plan to use it.
  11. And a quick sketch I did to figure out what I want to do with the suitcase. Top half is the backpack, bottom half is suitcase, you can fill it with whatever you want. You can slide the two parts apart to use the padded back as a mattress.
  12. Pandebus

    Elm Wood Furniture

    Some pretty awesome stuff! If you would like to share, it'd be great if you could tell something about the design prices and/or manufacturing I find furniture design very intriguing, and this is some cool stuff.
  13. Pandebus

    Entry Thread

    That orange sketch is pretty awesome man Could you maybe explain some of the functionality of the bag? it's not totally clear to me what the different parts do...
  14. You could try using leather. Also it would be great to have a hole in the middle, so you can touch the cards through the hole, and that way slide them out.
  15. Pandebus

    Questions & Answers

    Maybe a bit late: I'm wondering what the exact deadline is? like; 6th of January 2013 23:59 GMT So: what is the exact deadline? is it at the end of the 6th, or before the 6th? and what timezone?

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