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  1. CrateDock2

    A Roll Up Organizer For Gopro Gear.

    Michael, Congratulations on your success over at Kickstarter. Big congrats at getting picked up by the good folks at Core77, that's awesome. Great story, too. Best of luck and stay safe, Hollan
  2. CrateDock2

    Street Skating Concrete Dream

    Simon, Very interesting. Perhaps you could include a couple of renders from a pedestrian POV, so that the variations in elevation/terrain are more easily visually interpreted. Best of luck with this project. It looks really fun. CrateDock2
  3. CrateDock2


    Hi everyone, My name is Hollan and I live near Dallas, Texas. I'm not a designer by profession, but the subject deeply interests me and I'm currently involved in a design project with a friend. I want to learn more about product design and I want to get to know the design community, meet other designers who like trading knowledge and ideas and who share a passion for the creative process. I'm a computer graphics artist in the film industry, by profession, and I'm an Ambient Electronic music composer semi-professionally. I don't think it's appropriate to start throwing around the specifics of my design project here and now, as that may be construed as spamming, so I'll look for the appropriate section of the forum to do that. I will say, however, that I created all the patent drawings, 3d models and various related graphics for many of my friend's designs. This community may very well be interested in that. In the meantime, I'm excited about getting to know you all and I look forward to learning more. Stay creative everyone, Hollan Holmes Euless, TX

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