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  1. I'm pretty sure that drill is the most used rendering tutorial I have ever seen nice and old school.
  2. Purdueboy

    Voting Closed. Winners Announced!

    Hey waikit, the poll results are still visible.
  3. Purdueboy

    Entry Thread

    Thanks, basically the entire case is hard-shell for protection. There would be three rows of adjustable holders like those clear craft cases have so you can fit in all of your drawing supplies securely. The second slot has plushy micro-fiber walls where you can stick your tablet pc, ipad, or drawing tablet and not have to worry about it getting damaged or scratched. The document case has a screw off end where you can roll up your drawing and stick them in, it also aids when you set the case on the table like in the last drawing.
  4. Purdueboy

    Entry Thread

    Final sketches, no time for CAD or Photoshop rendering sadly.
  5. Purdueboy

    Entry Thread

    Some ideation
  6. Purdueboy

    Entry Thread

    Well the holidays were much busier than anticipated, but I think I came up with a pretty interesting mid sized toolbox. Sketches to follow.
  7. Purdueboy

    Entry Thread

    Designers use a wide variety of tools in many different ways, and in different locations. Having a storage vessel for portable tools is almost a necessity for industrial designers. Basic characteristics include; Protection (tools are quite expensive), Portability (at least to some degree, I consider a toolbox a non-stationary solution), Highly stylized (Most of my colleagues and professors all use generic plastic toolboxes/nylon bags to carry materials, kind of ironic for a career where aesthetics is a core value). To help narrow down the scope of the problem, I am separating it into three brackets. Small Boxes: High Mobility: able to be carried in a book bag/messenger bag or even a large pocket. Can be used to contain the basic tools that you would like to carry with you everywhere. Medium Boxes: Basic Mobility: carried like a traditional toolbox, able to be held in one hand comfortable. Can be used to transport the majority of your small to mid-sized tools. Large Boxes: Limited Mobility: able to be moved around your studio by a single person, too heavy to carry. Can be used to store most if not all of your tools, like a portable workstation. I will be making a concept for each category, then choosing one as a final concept entry.
  8. Purdueboy

    Questions & Answers

    Any restrictions on the deliverables?
  9. I really like your trio render. I think adding a shadow might add to the realism as well as more shading on the product itself.
  10. Purdueboy

    What Do You Think Of These Sketches?

    There is nothing wrong with rough sketches, but I think that you could really benefit from using 3 line weights, volumetric shading, and contour lines. Another thing, there is an issue with the perspective, guidelines and boxes can really help with that.

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