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  1. The Crazy Swede

    The 79 Coupe

  2. The Crazy Swede

    The 79 Coupe

    Thanks Blueprints? I used one simple sketch and modeled everything in Maya.
  3. The Crazy Swede

    The 79 Coupe

    Thanks Vander! It was a great project to work on, very challenging and rewarding.
  4. The Crazy Swede

    The 79 Coupe

    A few renders from the first race. Great light on a beautiful track in so-cal.
  5. The Crazy Swede

    The 79 Coupe

    Every now and then I try to make time for a personal project, to strengthen my brand and evolve as a designer. By entering my own lab, I can experiment with new techniques, workflows and indulge in an area that inspires me. It is very useful to go into the gym and define certain muscles even more. Creativity must be fun, it must be a positive challenge - something that triggers you to continue to work hard. Cause it sure is hard work. Everyone working in the creative industries have different ways to get back to the starting point that once made us decide on this as a career. It is so important to recognize your own triggers. Sometimes you get one of those ideas that simply needs to be born and realized in some way. This is one of those. This project started out pretty small, but ended up pretty big Starting out by showing a couple of concept renders.

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