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  1. Bluelarix Designworks

    Product Design Help

    Maybe try to do research first, and get insight in the challenges of such a product. Then make hundreds of sketches, solutions, partial solutions, and idea's. Select the best and redesign them with more detail.
  2. agree with Paul, try to build your own portfolio, learn sketching, make the portfolio graphically very interesting to watch / read, and tell about your designs with graphics: if you have a great idea or solution, do not only make sketches of the product, but also graphical scenario's of the products' use, maintenance, lifecycle, etc. so that the reader gets quickly why it is innovative and creative.
  3. Bluelarix Designworks

    Medical Tablet Computer

    By means of this newly developed tablet computer, residents of care homes and hosipitals can easily control many things in their rooms and homes, like heating, lighting, ventilation, etc. Because of the excellent audio characteristics of the product, a conversation can be set up with medical personnel on other locations. Also a camera is integrated, so that a life chat with a doctor is possible. The product is powered by a 1.6Ghz Intel Atom processor, which is very energy efficient. The software is running on integrated SSD memory, so that a quick response of the system is guaranteed. The control of the product is done by a projected capacitive touchscreen, known from modern smartphones and consumer tablets.
  4. Bluelarix Designworks


    Hi all, My name is Andreas, I'm leading a small design team in my company called Bluelarix Designworks in Amsterdam. We are a product design firm for industrial design and product development. We design human oriented products, driven by form, simplicity and functionality. Unique is that we combine the design and development of both product, interaction and electronics. You might want to check out our website to get a better idea of our approach to product design. Thanks, Andreas
  5. These extruded-honeycomb blocks are 95% air. The French company Nidaplast uses honeycomb grids to solve problems both large and small. They are creating products that capitalize on the honeycomb's key quality: it's strong, really strong. The core of the sandwich panels comprises honeycomb, a plastic film and a non-woven polyester fabric. Read more design news at http://www.bluelarix.com/en/inspiration/2012-october-design-emagazine
  6. Bluelarix Designworks


    Hi there: our twitter account: http://www.twitter.com/twitter
  7. Bluelarix Designworks

    Add Your Industrial Design Blog Here

    We provide a free monthly eMagazine (in dutch) at http://www.bluelarix.nl/aanmelding-design-magazine/ and in English at: http://www.bluelarix.com/en/inspiration/free-white-papers-and-design-inspiration

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