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  1. The brief of the project is as follows: "With a focus on modern materials, processes and technologies, design and make a model of an interactive device which facilitates the collection of donations for a cause and encourage the giving of donations. Your solution should include electro-mechanic movement in operation and should be well presented" I have watched the "Power of a coin" video ( http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tLSbaqH73io )and wish to make something that works the same way so I am hoping that you might be able to tell me how it works. What the coin is sliding down and how it actually activates the interactable events, for example the ambulance moving, the trees and bushes popping up. How does it reset back to its original position so more people can donate and see the transition. Can you please help me by explaining how I can manage to build something of this sort or possibly another idea from the brief? Thanks.

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