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  1. Nicolac

    Cgi Blog For Ad Campaign

    Hi, Thought this blog may be of interest as to how CGI was used in this particular ad campaign. Hope you enjoy the read ! http://www.aircgi.com/blog/high-performance-cg-car-for-alka-selzer-ad-firm-ddb/
  2. Nicolac

    The Joy Riding Skeleton !

    Hi, Thought the below blog may be of interest to you. It shows how a CGI animation we produced helped us win work for Deus Ex ! http://www.aircgi.com/blog/lamborghini-reventon/ I would be keen to know any feedback you may have! all the best Nicola
  3. Nicolac

    Cg Imagery

    Hi, FYI....if you would like to see how the below image is produced from design concept to final render please see visit our blog below. http://www.aircgi.com/blog/ Hope you enjoy!
  4. Nicolac

    Cg Imagery

    HI. FYI . if you would like to see the image below and how it was produced please see our blog listed below which features the process of producing a CGI interior from initial design concept to final render. http://www.aircgi.com/blog/ Hope you enjoy !
  5. Nicolac

    Cgi Interiors

    Hi, Over the past 18 months we here at Air CGI have been producing CGI interiors for a range of clients in bathroom, kitchen, heating and office furniture sectors. The below link shows our interiors section of website. http://www.aircgi.com/cgi-interiors/ We welcome any feedback or questions you may have. many thanks Nicola

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