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    Space_Penguin got a reaction from choyster in Lego Dragon   
    Hey guys,
    Created this using microspot interiors pro and wondered what you think also wondered what you think of the software if you've used it before? I normally use Rhino but have recently got to grips with interiors and I find it really easy to use!!

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    Space_Penguin reacted to idesign1 in Blow Me!   
    You would throw this, as part of a folio in thi bin? you must be an imposter, or really stupid. I am thinking both! There is much to say about the issue of physics. But what a beutifull rendition. Well done! you made it work for me. In the bin.............!!!!??????
    Hope you are not a design senior!
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    Space_Penguin reacted to Matthew in Blow Me!   
    Aesthetically, it looks beautiful, the quality is really good. Just wish it was a plausible idea for todays technology. Also the name "Dyke" is not great.. I understand it is a word play on the word "bike" but it means something completely different here in the UK

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