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  1. Space_Penguin

    Huzi - The Moustache For Playful You

    Hey! Really like the "Lost in sofa" and "Dream Car" also the photography on the site is awesome
  2. Since leaving uni i've been struggling to find good 2d & 3d software that isn't too expensive to fuel my hobby of CAD design. I'm currently using Interiors Pro for my 3D stuff which is cool as it allows you to create your own pieces for home design and put them into a scenario really easily. Basically I'm wondering what you guys use? I presume its the standards of Rhino, Solidworks and AutoCad but aside from the industry giants what do you think of the smaller companies trying to compete? Space_Penguin
  3. I started using Interiors Pro recently and was a handy tool for furniture modelling and general interior design http://www.microspot.com/products/interiorsPro/index.htm
  4. Space_Penguin

    Lego Dragon

    Hey guys, Created this using microspot interiors pro and wondered what you think also wondered what you think of the software if you've used it before? I normally use Rhino but have recently got to grips with interiors and I find it really easy to use!! Thanks Space_Penguin

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