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  1. hyperevs14

    Toolbox By Designers For Designers

    So I've picked #2 of the sketches and did a quick rendering. This concept was inspired by a thermos and was shaped like a bullet. Whats unique about this concept was the use of strips of bamboo sewn together and when unwrapped form a drawing surface. I've also thought of putting a plastic sleeve slip-on to cover the bamboo and provide a smooth surface against the space between each strip.
  2. sorry for the late entry but heres a few sketches i put together.
  3. hyperevs14

    Car Design

    looks good so far. i suggest doing more thumb nail sketches a 5/6 per page about 20 total all with different looks. Have family/friends pick the 3 best of all then do 5 revisions of each just change small things about them. then find free blueprints of cars that fit the 2 door look your going for. print out the blueprint and use it as a reference guide to where the doorhandles, wheels etc. go. place a new sheet of paper on top and draw your image on top. good luck check out my nissan automotive design project at http://www.coroflot.com/lrivera
  4. hyperevs14


    thanks for your input. I have some internship work with a business card design shop i just haven't posted it, and some freelance work but with an NDA agreement so thats a no go. For the backgrounds i got inspiration from websites that had somewhat of a minimalistic feel to them.
  5. hyperevs14


    I recently graduated from the Art Institute of Fort Lauderdale and so I'm posting my work for all to see. Please feel free to comment or make suggestions. Also I'm currently looking for a career opportunity in the Orlando, Sanford, Port Orange and possibly Tampa area. Here's the link. http://www.coroflot.com/lrivera

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