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  1. Very clean, simple design! My only concern with this is the height of the front tabs. For super-thin and more 'square' side-profile laptops, this should be a non-issue as you've demonstrated so well on your Kickstarter page but my concerns lie with design similar to the Asus ROGV752VS for example. All that aside, you're only a simple test away from confirming secure placement. Doesn't detract from this being a good, simple design... just something to consider. Regards
  2. Haven't used SWorks in years but as best I recall... you need to create a plane at the end of your helix, sketch the thread form there, pierce the midpoint; helix endpoint to midpoint and sweep along the helix path. All that said... keep in mind that in a 3D print design, you are not limited to typical modes of manufacture; single-point thread cutting, tapping, forming, etc.. A larger feature will print more successfully in any orientation; horizontal, vertical, etc.. If you need inspiration, look to the typical multi-start bottle neck thread. Best regards

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