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  1. hi all! Couple more rough sketch binds. Any comments are welcomed! You can find more on my Behance page below. http://www.behance.net/sanghyunjeong Cheers!
  2. Sang Hyun Jeong

    Usb Flash Drive With Flash Light

    Thanks Liyang! There's a sliding structure on the bottom.
  3. Sang Hyun Jeong

    Some Of My Product Design Sketches

    Think so? Thanks Bwaugh!
  4. Sang Hyun Jeong

    Usb Flash Drive With Flash Light

    Hi, all This is my latest personal project. I welcome all replies! The face is designed by combining a USB flash drive and an LED light, using the USB output as a cheeky tongue. Although it contains a battery, it can be charged when the USB storage is in use without any extra effort on the users part. Not only providing the convenience of two useful devices in one easy to carry product, it also eliminates the need for disposable batteries making it that a little bit greener for the environment. http://www.behance.n...ry/Face/4790977 http://www.tuvie.com/?s=face+sang+hyun&x=0&y=0 http://design-index.net/sang-hyun-jeong-face/ http://designspotter.com/product/2012/09/Face.html Thank you for reading!
  5. Sang Hyun Jeong


    Lei ho! Nice works Waikit
  6. Hi all! I uploaded some sketches from my design portfolio. Any feedbacks are welcomed! Cheers!
  7. Sang Hyun Jeong

    My Product Design Portfolio

    Dear designer fellas! I have professional experiences of 4 yrs and 8 mths in industrial design. Below links are my design portfolios. Contents are same. http://coroflot.com/sanghyunjeong http://www.behance.net/sanghyunjeong I was using Coroflot only, but now I prefer Behance because of connection with Linkedin. Using Behance, you can show your works directly on Linkedin page. Anyway, if you don't mind, please leave some feebacks. Cheers!

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