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  1. this is my coursework for my gcse project:
  2. Hi i am new to this forum, i am currently in high school doing a graphic product design. the product that i choose to do is a pizza box. i am having some problems completing unit 1 (Investigating the Design Context) i came here to ask some professionals and experienced people like YOU to help me with this. Here is the ~Marking criteria that the examiner will be using to mark my work: Criterion 1 Mark Band Investigating the Design Context 7–8 • Discrimination shown when selecting and acquiring relevant research that will promote originality in designing • Excellent understanding and analysis of the design context • Detailed analysis of relevant existing products or systems undertaken related to design intentions • Comprehensive analysis of relevant and focused research undertaken • Clear and specific design criteria identified, reflecting the analysis undertaken • Target market identified and the intended consumer/user profiled 5–6 • Good understanding and analysis of the design context • Good analysis of relevant products or systems undertaken • Good analysis of relevant research and context • Design criteria which reflects the analysis undertaken • Target market for product has been identified 3–4 • Basic understanding and analysis of the design context • Some analysis of related products or systems undertaken • Made a superficial analysis of most of the research material and the context • Design criteria reflects most of the analysis undertaken • Some consideration has been taken of the likely consumer/user 0–2 • Limited understanding or analysis of design context • Minimal analysis of other products or systems undertaken • Provided little evidence of research and analysis of context • Design criteria is very general and lacking in any detail • Limited understanding of the target market/user evident MAXIMUM MARK FOR THE UNIT IS 8/8 And here is my project: http://www.filefactory.com/file/2pb7rr8m0ryl/n/GCSE_GRAPHICS-_course_work.ppt PLEASE FEEL FREE TO CRITICIZE ANYTHING AND PLEASE FEEL FREE TO GIVE ME ANY TIPS AND TRICKS TO HELP ME GET TOP MARK.

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