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  1. The Medical Product Development team at Stratos worked with nanoMR to develop a Pathogen Capture System. Founded in 2007 by renowned researchers from the University of New Mexico, nanoMR has developed a unique Pathogen Capture System (PCS) that can selectively isolate pathogens for detection at levels as low as 1 CFU/mL by extracting pathogens directly from drawn blood, delivering purified DNA for downstream analysis. With proven benchtop results and research in place, nanoMR has partnered with Stratos to take their chemistry from bench to market. Stratos is working with nanoMR on the complete product design and manufacturing strategy of disposable cassettes for the company’s Pathogen Capture System and the laboratory device that fully automates their processing. Included in the development effort are product requirements definition, hardware and software design and verification activities, backed by Stratos’ ISO 13485 compliant design controls with output supporting CE certification for clinical trials in Europe. nanoMR came to Stratos with the challenge to develop a cost-effective cassette and processing regimen with an input of up to a 10 milliliter blood sample and output of 50 microliters containing purified DNA. Not only does this require superior product development experience and skill, but also an understanding of the complexities of the chemical and biological processes and the challenges of high-volume design and manufacturing and production of fluid-filled cartridges. nanoMR’s resulting Pathogen Capture System will provide substantially faster pathogen identification, enabling the physician to begin appropriate antibiotic therapy sooner and improve patient outcomes while delivering a class-leading user experience for laboratory personnel.
  2. The medical product development team at Stratos designed & developed this new device using skills such as: Miniaturized electronics, Mechanical engineering, project management, electrical engineering & vendor interaction. Stratos is partnering with Mimic Technologies (leader in Robotic Surgery Simulation) to advance the current design of the Mimic dV-Trainer, an independently validated, highly realistic simulation system for the da Vinci robot that improves patient safety and allows for surgical training, saving operating room time and reducing operational costs. Stratos is developing an updated version of the dV-Trainer that involves creating a new 3D stereoscope and updating the existing hardware architecture so that the system is more robust during manufacturing, service and operation. The solution will contain miniaturized connectors, a custom fine-gauge cabling solution and reversible parts to minimize overall part count for the pair of gimbals contained in each system. Additionally, Stratos worked with Mimic to redesign the grip with a similar cabling solution to create additional features that improve the overall use of the grip. “Mimic’s dV-Trainer is designed with efficacy, ease of use and user comfort in mind. Stratos is helping us to advance overall system performance so that our master console will not only be suitable for virtual reality robot training, but also for controlling actual robots." Founder and CEO of Mimic Technologies
  3. The product development team at Stratos utilized skills such as embedded software design, electrical design, project management, human factors support, quality and verification, and ISO 13485 design to develop this advanced combination medical device & drug deliver system. Located in Silicon Valley, AcelRx Pharmaceuticals is a specialty pharmaceutical company focused on the development and commercialization of innovative therapies for the treatment of acute and breakthrough pain. AcelRx was founded to solve the problems of post-operative intravenous patient-controlled analgesia (IV PCA) by addressing the unmet medical need to reduce the side effects of morphine, address the invasive IV route of delivery and eliminate the inherent potential for programming and delivery errors associated with the complexity of IV PCA pumps. The company had a strong mechanical engineering team but had limited software and hardware technical resources to respond to the product development challenges associated with programming and delivery errors. AcelRx turned to Stratos, who represented a similarly creative approach and technical depth, to respond to the challenges of electrical and software engineering solution development.
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    Hello World of product designer's Gabriel Gervelis here - working for Stratos Product Development. I'm looking forward to sharing our design projects with the group, and helping/seeking help as needed. Cheers!

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