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  1. rnrassociates

    At Home Defribilator

    This is the first over-the-counter defibrillator that you can buy for your own medical purposes. Heart Go can provide us with potentially life saving technology for our own at home usage. To read more on this awesome product design visit http://www.rnrassociates.com/sub_portfolio.php?cid=4
  2. I hate being able to find one, but not the other. Salt and pepper shakers are meant to go together but keeping them together is impossible. That is until now. These salt and pepper shakers interlock so that you will always have both of them together. After all you cant put salt on something without the pepper! Read more here! http://www.rnrassociates.com/sub_portfolio.php?act=sub_cat&id=151&cid=31
  3. rnrassociates

    Crazy Cool Ipad Case

    We have 100 ways to protect our iPhones, but not too many for an iPad. This is an iPad cover sure to blow the rest away. Comes in cool colors and it even has a leg strap so you can use on your lap without it moving out of place! Check out more here- http://www.rnrassociates.com/sub_portfolio.php?act=sub_cat&id=172&cid=21
  4. rnrassociates


    This is the LeisureCat 9000 Mako. This boat is meant for extreme fishing and cruising. The boat includes a lock up cuddy cabin, sliding windows, extended hard top, as well as ample seating and space. This is a really awesome product design 32ft in length. Check out the website for more details. http://www.rnrassociates.com/sub_portfolio.php?act=sub_cat&id=97&cid=16
  5. rnrassociates

    Awesome Knee Board

    Here in Florida kneeboarding is pretty popular. This is the Velocity, a kneeboard designed to give the user not only comfort but great control. This board was developed to take teh user to a new level of riding! Some of the really great aspects are the 2:1 ratio fully padded Cinch Strap for ultimate holding power, a really aggressive aesthetic design look, rocker line hand turned bevels, and deep shock absorbing kneewells. More can be seen here http://www.rnrassociates.com/sub_portfolio.php?act=sub_cat&id=60&cid=7

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