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    A Question About Design Companies

    Hello, I am new to this forum. I am a small business owner in the US, looking at having a new consumer product designed. I run a very low-budget operation, so I am interested in overseas designers who could provide far more value for my limited resources. I have had some unpleasant and expensive experiences with design companies in the US, so I am wondering what is the best way to vet an overseas designer before becoming involved with them. If an American company fails to meet expectations, there are legal safeguards in place, but if a Chinese/Indian/Vietnamese designer causes trouble what is the recourse? I am aware that some Asian firms often copy the ideas of their American customers and create a generic product. I don't want that to happen. But I do not want to pay $50,000 for something that would cost $5000 in Asia. That is silly to waste so much money when Asians can do the same work for the same quality. These are just my thoughts, I am trying to start a discussion not create a legal controversy.
  2. Promoting your prior work with a website may help. Networking, being willing to move anywhere on earth, etc. If you are unhappy with your career trajectory, by all means change it before you have spent ten years doing something you did not really want to do. It is too late to start over then.
  3. design_n00b

    Business Idea

    I am a small business owner with a low budget business idea. And I need a cheap prototype built for a product I am trying to get to market. That's why I am reading all your ideas on this forum, to learn how designers think, and what they expect from guys like me. Maybe he isn't so dumb after all. But of course I would not post my idea here lol.

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