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    A Roll Up Organizer For Gopro Gear.

    The RollPro Mini is finally out of production and in stock! During the final moments of Cyber Monday, use this 20% off code on your entire order at riseful.com. Just use code CYBERMINI at checkout. Happy Holidays! Mike B
  2. Hi everyone. I'm brand new to this forum. I accidentally came across it the other day and I'm glad a place like this exists. What a great way to share ideas and inspirations. My name is Mike and I recently designed an organizer for GoPros and accessories. I just got tired of carrying all the pieces in a ziplock and digging through it when I needed something. Not to mention scratching lenses and loosing pieces. I originally designed this roll up case for myself, but had people asking me where they could get one. So, I refined it and put a lot of thought and time into the design. I wanted to make sure it was well rounded for most GoPro users and met high standards of quality and functionality. I have a Kickstarter campaign going to help make it a reality. All the details and a video are at the link below. Let me know what you guys think! RollPro III - Organizer Case for GoPro via Kickstarter Feel free to email or pm me if you have any questions. Mike B mike@riseful.com
  3. michaelbrat

    A Roll Up Organizer For Gopro Gear.

    Just wanted to thank you guys for the support. The RollPro Mini project has exceeded its goal and ends in 10 days! Kickstarter and its supporting backers bringing yet another dream to life If you are considering a RollPro Mini, just know that this is the cheapest it will ever be. The price goes up to $79 after the Kickstarter project ends. Mike B
  4. michaelbrat

    A Roll Up Organizer For Gopro Gear.

    Bringing this thread back with the release of a new GoPro organizer design, the RollPro Mini. It is the most functional and portable GoPro organizer ever and is handmade here in California. The Kickstarter project is live here. Mike B
  5. michaelbrat

    A Roll Up Organizer For Gopro Gear.

    A little bit about myself and how the RollPro III and Riseful came to be. A Cross-Country Motorcycle Journey Births a Product Designer: Mike Bratcher's Riseful RollPro III - on core77 Mike B
  6. michaelbrat

    A Roll Up Organizer For Gopro Gear.

    Thanks for your feedback Parel. Could you go a bit further into what you mean by neater when unrolled? It does hold a lot of parts in a tight space so maybe it looks a bit cramped to you? Regarding branding, I will definitely be adding a logo to it. Probably somewhere on the inside of the case to keep it clean and brand free on the outside. I like your idea of a logo on the endcaps though; I'll definitely consider that. Thanks again for taking the time to comment Parel. Mike B

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