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    parel reacted to bagboots in Introductions!   
    Hello all, im Alex, I am in the process of designing a product to bring to market, came here to see if i can get some information. Im from the UK, working as a nurse, this whole product design is completely overwhelming , give me a critically unwell patient and i'm fine, not sure why this is such a challenge for me
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    parel got a reaction from nalsur in [Solve] How To Loft 2D And 3D Sketch   
    Option1: Make a planar surface with the circle and loft or boundary between the top 3 tangent faces and the planar surface
    Option 2: Surface loft between two sketches, create the planar surface circle, knit and then "Replace Face" the 3 tangent faces with the knit
    Many ways to do this. Post the file and maybe we can help
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    parel got a reaction from admin in Need Advice To Make Fake Pills And Sushi   
    You can always buy fake sushi from places that sell fake food for restaraunts http://www.justdezineit.com/index.php?main_page=index&cPath=1

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