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  1. parel

    Lochness Chopper

    Nice update- I was not sure whether the Persian(?) graphics were working. Perhaps in my mind the Lochness creature is agile and stealth- choppers might not be the best starting point- but a cool chopper nonetheless.
  2. parel

    A Question About Desktop Computer Case Designers

    Not an individual- but there is the recent Thermaltake Case designed by BMW Designworks
  3. parel


    Yeah the 15" is probably a good bet- but as mentioned before you might get more performance from a PC which tend to have better graphics cards updates-which can sometimes be a pain. If you had the cash I might get a Macbook Air and a custom built desktop with the requisite horsepower.
  4. parel

    [Solve] How To Loft 2D And 3D Sketch

    try dropbox.com or mediafire.com or yousendit.com
  5. parel

    A Roll Up Organizer For Gopro Gear.

    This is an exciting time to be a product designer. Looks like you are well on your way to being funded. Pros- the basic idea is awesome and solves a problem. Clean uncluttered design Could be improved: The unrolled state could stand to look neater (more planar?) Also it could stand to have a little identity of its own. What if there was a logo embroidered on the endcaps - that would be visible in the end on view of the rolled up state (visible in the last image posted )?
  6. parel

    Some Sketches

    Yes- very nice lines and rendering. Some of those hard edges need to be broken/smoothed though especially in the handle areas.
  7. You really need to post actual work or a link to your portfolio for us to give any useful advice. In design the degree doesnt communicate as much as your portfolio does.
  8. parel

    3D Renders And Sketches

    Very nice details. Bailpoint pen speed is very hard to beat Thanks for sharing these projects. They are still fresh.
  9. parel

    Product Design Course Sketches

    Make photocopies of your work if you are not yet confident and lay down some shading using the length of your lead to create shadows and value. Ground plane shadows wiil help as well
  10. parel

    Product Design Course Sketches

    Cool- nice to see you are developing form. Quick trick- blur your eyes and see whether your sketches still read well. All the nice form dev you are working on gets lost in the uniform lineweight.
  11. parel

    Suitable Music For Paper Prototype Video?

    I have purchased music from premiumbeat.com that might work.
  12. parel

    3D Renders And Sketches

    Nice detailing. Looks logical. The front graphics looks exagerratte- the sketches seem a little more proportioned. Thanks for sharing. Nice renders from the PAD kit
  13. parel

    Mingnimum Chair

    Very interesting career of Mr Liu
  14. parel

    Lifering Rocket

    Seems like a good idea. perhaps the presentation could be clearer and with better photos. Care to show any of the design process?
  15. parel

    [Solve] How To Loft 2D And 3D Sketch

    Option1: Make a planar surface with the circle and loft or boundary between the top 3 tangent faces and the planar surface Option 2: Surface loft between two sketches, create the planar surface circle, knit and then "Replace Face" the 3 tangent faces with the knit Many ways to do this. Post the file and maybe we can help

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