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    Hello Everyone! I am Phil Staunton, Managing Director of D2M Innovation - a small bespoke design consultancy that helps individuals and SME's launch new product ideas. We offer everything from concept design through prototyping, website design and even promoting concepts to retailers. I setup the company around 18 months ago after running a large design team for 4 years for a different design house. D2M is unique in that we are twinned with a patent attorney firm and based on their offices so if someone needs a product patenting and prototyping then we can do it in all in house! I am looking forward to connecting with everyone and discussing the finer points of design! If you interested, here is our website: D2M Innovation | CAD, Prototyping, How to Patent an Idea & Product Launch. If you are interested in protecting your ideas you might want to check out our patent page: How to Patent an Idea through drafting to registering a patent at the UK Patent Office

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