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  1. Jordan Plant Design

    Xtrou : Eco Bathroom Unit

    hey henrik . thanks for pointing these things out to me , there is some scope now for some alterations and re modelling internally with this concept. As its just a concept i really do love Constructional criticism from other designers or people in the profession as this helps me re think my original design. thank you
  2. Jordan Plant Design

    Eco Bathroom Unit . Colour Advice

    i totally agree with how people ar emore open minded and artistic to that of the contemporary units themselves. will try put it into a scene thanks x
  3. Jordan Plant Design

    Eco Bathroom Unit . Colour Advice

    hi guys , currently coming to the end of my degree at university, i decided to look at the waste issues of fresh water within the domestic bathroom area, iv had constructive criticism from some tutors in regards to colour schemes for this bathroom unit, saying that black wouldn't be a advisable colour to use.... and that i should go to the origin of white . looking for YOUR thoughts and input on these colours please guys . do you think i should keep the black with the green and stand out form existing domestic products in bathrooms or use another colour.

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