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  1. Creative Juice

    Chess Set For The Blind

    Your work is very creative. It became especial because your design is for the blind.
  2. Creative Juice

    Garden Furniture 02

    It is a perfect design for garden.
  3. Creative Juice

    Advice On Direction

    Hi, Hopefully these advice counts - You don't have to have a day job to build a career on design, and I disagree that material science does not offer room for creativity. Robert Kiyosaki would have hated me for this, but you should finish your material science degree - you can build a career from that and there are no bars to limit your creativity about that. As for your design career, you can market your designs in the internet and start out your company and learn from there. You will most likely be starting from scratch but at least you will know your true capacity and no one will ever limit what you want to do. At the end of the day, if you don't really like your course, start out a new. If you don't see any fulfillment, go quit and start with a course at design.
  4. Creative Juice

    Buying ? Online? Local?

    If you found local prototyping vendor that offers you cheap, then go get it. If you want quality, you can go for online purchases from trusted suppliers with a lot of history. This may or may not be cheaper, but you can order what you want.
  5. Creative Juice

    A New Way To Make Money With Your Designs?

    I saw a couple of customized and personalized figurine stalls in the mall today, I was observing and it looked like some people were actually intrigued and curious about it. If they would have made an instant figurine off the bat, they would have sold more. If you say this is cheap, then they were making a killing.
  6. Creative Juice

    Aaron Cheng's Portfolio

    Hello Aaron, very nice presentation and I like your perspective of the housing with parking. Good job hope to hear your success in the future goodluck!
  7. Creative Juice

    Some Of My Sketches

    Very nice sketches I looked at the old ones and the latest you improved so much. Thank you for sharing
  8. Creative Juice

    Adzero - Bamboo Smartphone

    Great job! Congratulations. It’s nice to hear someone’s success in this community gives me a boost to do more in my work. Thank you for sharing and goodluck on your future projects
  9. Creative Juice

    Eco Bathroom Unit . Colour Advice

    Hello, maybe you can put a picture of this in a actual bathroom so that we can see how it will look like, if it’s ok with you =) In my opinion why not push your idea there is nothing wrong in making a change to the traditional one, because people now are more open minded and more artistic I think. Depends really on how you’ll introduce this to the market. Just my thought =) goodluck!
  10. Creative Juice

    Concept Sketch Demo Process

    Hi Vic, very good sketching technique you have here, I was amaze and I felt like I want to learn how to do something like this. I love to draw too but due to my studies I can’t. You made me think of going back to do drawings. Thanks for sharing
  11. Creative Juice

    Ul 1st Year Product Design Sketches

    Hi Dzine, nice job in rendering keep it up, please do update your latest works so that I can differentiate your works from before and present. I guess you have improved well. regards
  12. Creative Juice

    Weekly Sketches

    Hello Phzy, for a high school student you are doing a great job, practice will make it better. Looking forward to your progress and keep us updated here thank you for sharing
  13. Creative Juice

    My Car Design Sketches

    Very nice sketches you have here, I think you have improved much since then, thank you for sharing and good luck on your venture.
  14. Hello Daniel, great designs you have here, it’s a good thing someone creative like you posted it here thank you for sharing love seeing your designs.
  15. Creative Juice


    A great place indeed to held their marketing symposium, beautiful place and I do imagine that they got their tummies full because of the delicious food. Thank for sharing.
  16. Creative Juice

    Is It Possiable?

    Hello Greatstar, thank you for sharing, I think it’s possible but not in that place look at its base, even though I’m not an architect or an engineer I know that it’s not possible because of the safety of the building is not good.
  17. Creative Juice

    Help Needed

    Hello Aniamaria, I’ll agree with designwork you just have to know which one is best for you, don’t let others decide your faith you must make your own path to success. It’s alright to listen to someone’s advice or suggestions but think about what they are telling you and where it will take you. For me you should go to the course you want the most or which one do you think you can do better. just my thought
  18. Creative Juice

    Career As Interior Designer

    For me it is, you just have to work hard on your designs but not to copy cat other designers, copy is not the right word for this maybe it’s to make other works as your inspiration and to get some new and interesting ideas from them. Interior designers are in demand as long as there are homes that are being built and what more if you have established a good name for yourself. You just have to work hard to be on top just remember that champions are not born champions they started as beginners also.
  19. Creative Juice

    Bathroom Sink Organiser (Need Feedback Urgently!)

    Very good idea, but improved more the toothbrush holder I agree with Jason the brushes are slanted maybe you should make it a little higher. Thank you for sharing this idea good job
  20. Creative Juice

    The Alarm Glock By Twoedesign

    Hello Ewan and Ellen very interesting idea you have here. Good job on this project hope that this idea of yours will become popular. Best regards
  21. Creative Juice

    Door Of Time

    A very nice idea you have here turning a elevator buttons into a clock but I’m just wondering if it will only tell time 7:00, 8:00 how about the minutes?
  22. Creative Juice

    Brad's Sketchbook

    Good day bwaugh very nice sketches you are a very talented man and so many good ideas you have here. Thank you for sharing
  23. Creative Juice

    My Sketches Tow Years Before

    Hello, very good sketches you have here I’m impress, I wonder how much you have improved after these past two years looking forward of seeing your new sketches. Thank you for sharing

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