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  1. Why do companies prefer to show their apps on mobile? Good question In short, companies will try to keep up with the latest popular trends. Up until the last decade there was a push to become more social and companies focused on social networking campaigns. Now its mobile technology. There are many factors that have encouraged companies to go mobile. - For a company to survive in this decade, it has to be an agile enterprise with the ability to adapt rapidly. This has never been more true since the recession. - With the mass migration of users from PCs to mobile, now location is relevant. - Mobile technology tears down the barriers between our business, professional and personal lives. These factors help a company generate profit, increase demand for products/services, attract new customers, open new markets and sustains the business until the next trend!
  2. DESIGNERS WANTED!!! Hello All, With the permission of the founder & admin of the Product Design Forums, Waikit, I would like to introduce to you my start-up company TEKGEN. TEKGEN is a social product development platform that brings together design engineers, product designers, 3d modelers and everybody in-between to design and develop real products/technology. We help people with good ideas and the right skills to design products/technology collaboratively by offering an intuitive platform to bring products to the manufacturing stage. What differs TEKGEN from the rest is that it allows people to take part in designing and developing products for free. Users can: - Create a profile showcasing your various searchable skills/talents. - Start a 'Project', become a 'Project Manager', invite others to your project (friends you know or people with the right skills you searched), or join/request invitation to join a Project. -Upload photos, drawings, CAD files, analysis files in the Design section of a project. Project members can write design reviews, and download then upload changes. -You can chat in real time to any friends, or create private/public chat rooms do discuss ideas. In the chat you can even draw 'napkin' sketches with a drawing tools. A fraction of the profit would go to the contributors of the project. Our goal is to take care of the manufacturing and sale of products at no risk to the contributors. This step is often not taken because of costs, risk, etc. The site was just launched and there was a small alpha test of the platform among friends. I am looking for the right people to beta test the platform, to give feedback, discuss what you would like to see in terms of intellectual rights of the products and of course design the very first products to be manufactured on TEKGEN! Thanks, and happy designing! Brien, www.tekgen.ca

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