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    Thanks, yes i came across that site but I coudn't help but think that site seemed very dated....
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    Hi I am just wondering does anyone on here design yachts, may be a bit far fetched on a Product design forum however I see a lot of automotive stuff on here so I thought it was worth a shot, if not could someone point me in the right direction? I need to ask some questions with regard the area in general or at least see some good designs... Cheers
  3. Hi guys, Well am not sure if this is the right section or if anyones interested but a few days ago I started a youtube channel. It's just to show some of my artwork, sketches, paintings etc. I am currently doing it just for fun in my spare time, but want to build the channel over time and eventually have a sub section or something for my Product design work! ( about to start my second year as a Product design student). Below is my Channel I would be really grateful if you guys could Subscribe, comment and like if you like as it would help me out a great deal!!!! http://www.youtube.c...23?feature=mhee Thanks again all!
  4. Hi guys i am just looking for some advice as to what laptop to choose and what suits me best i was hoping you may have some advice. Basicially i am a product design student so will be running software such as Solidworks, Photoshop, illustrator, 3d studio max and other CAD and rendering programmes. In my university i am surrounded by Mac's and am wondering is it a good decision to purchase the 15" what ive been told to go for (not sure what spec yet) is it the right laptop to go for taking into account what i have stated above? what laptops are you using espicially if running similar programmes i would be very gratefull to find out. Just incase you don't no these 15" range from around £1500-1800 . Thanks in advance, all help appreciated!!!!
  5. Also i am from ireland but living in the Uk so if anyone has any experience in ireland i would be gratefull to hear also, btw 258 views and no replies Common guys this is a forum not just something you browse lol
  6. Hi guys i am new to the forum, I am a first year Product Design student in the UK. I have to go on a placement next year for a few months and was wondering could some of you share your experience of companies good or bad in the uk and across the water, where did you go for your placement did you enjoy it and the likes, if it makes any difference i am very experienced in 2D work i.e hand drawen/painted/colored etc, solidworks skills are average and photoshop and other rendering software i am quite good. Looking forward to contributing to the forum, thanks in advance, Ciaran.

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