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  1. Sam Lambert

    Lambert Designs

    Hey thanks for the feedback I appreciate it ! Sam
  2. Sam Lambert

    Lambert Designs

    I just up loaded a selection of my sketches to my blog to show a little more than just the finished products......check it out !
  3. Sam Lambert

    Aaron Cheng's Portfolio

    Nice, I like the architectural and urban planning design work.
  4. Sam Lambert

    Lambert Designs

    Hi Peter, Thanks ! I am currently working on another tree and really enjoy the mural type work using the permanent marker and acrylic paint for the flowers. Sam
  5. Sam Lambert

    Lambert Designs

    Hello, I just found this site and have always enjoyed art and design. I am currently studying Mechanical Engineering and have had the opportunity to work with a CNC water jet cutter for some of the furniture I have built. A few of the pieces of art work were actually painted by my wife too. So without further ado, here is a link to my Blog: http://lambertdesigns.blogspot.com/ Thanks and let me know what you think : )

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