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  2. Hello everyone! I'm here for my some advice. Please help me chose. (Its really long, so please accept my apologies in advance.) My background: M.Sc in Human Physiology with Ergonomics as the specialization. During our course, we had to design Furnitures (tables, chairs), safety equipment (like helmet), medical equipment (like crutch) and so on. But we never had it published anywhere. Completed 2 internships (called project here): One on manual material handling workers another on banking employees. Have designed a few things on my own (Again, not published). And my primary question is which option would be the best for me? I have four choices now: (Sorry for being so detailed) 1. Go for a PhD Positive side: Research experience Negative side: Will be limited to manual material handling (while thinking about going for a post-doc, I find most of our seniors getting stuck to the MMH domain); no Scholarship or stipend (but may apply for external scholarships); long duration (approx. 5-7 years are needed for the research to be completed). Long-time goal: After interacting with many of our seniors, I came to know that most either go for post-doc or teaching. And I don't find either rewarding enough. 2. Go for a computer course (diploma) Positive side: Assured placement after completing course (course duration = approx. 12-14 months, full time); will train us for web-design (including flash), graphic design, video editing, CAD software (3Ds Max and AutoCAD); allowed to do part-time job if I can find one Negative Side: Less pay when I get recruited for the first time (but will gradually increase as I gain experience); its a diploma, no degree. Long-time goal: Well, they are providing me the fresher job+experience. I may continue with the job if I want. But seeing my backgound in Ergonomics, many suggested I may go for UX design or UI design or Industrial Design or Product Design or to a similar field. 3. Enroll for a Design School (I recently came to know about Florence Design Academy) Positive side: A degree in Industrial Design Negative side: Have to relocate (Not a problem, but they haven't mentioned the cost of living in Italy); I have very little idea about engineering design Long-time goal: Life as an Industrial Designer 4. Dump all the three options above and look for a job based on my experience now. Positive side: May find a job or internship (hopefully) Negative side: Most companies require proffessional experience in Ergonomics, and i don't have any except only 2 projects; may require years to find one Long-time goal: Work as an ergonomist Further Questions: 1. What is the ranking of Florence Design Academy in the global scenario? Do the ranking really matter? How is the Industrial Designer course? Where do FDA grads typically get recruited? Is there a placement cell within the university or students have to find interships and jobs themselves? Are part-time jobs allowed? Do international students actually get part-time jobs in Italy?I found they offer Graduate (one year duration, two year duration, three year duration) and Masters courses (apparently 1 year duration, but I'm not sure). If I do go for one of them, which one would be the best for me? 2. If I'm going for the ID course, will it be rewarding? I remember reading somewhere that only 10-20% industrial designers actually make it to the industries. Is it true? If yes, what do the rest of them do? Will it be possible to move over to Industrial Design if I complete the computer diploma I mentioned above? [i don't have a portfolio yet as I never had any experience as real-life industrial design proffessional, but I have quite a few designs in my mind, which I did in my free time, and a few other done either to help someone (like relatives and neighbours) but never on a proffessional basis]. 3. Do reasearch in the feild of Ergonomics yeild anything? I mean you all read about everything the research offers and doesn't offer. Is it worthwhile to do it? Is the scenario the same in all universities or it is just us? Is there anything else we can do other than post-doc and teaching if I do go for research? 4. Graphic design, Industrial Design and Ergonomics- all three are very broad fields. But are they inter-related? I found Autodesk, Adobe etc. give certifications on clearing the necessary exams. Does it really help to have an Autodesk or Adobe certification? 5. Do you have any other advice? Please do let me know. Thank you for your patience. I'm really sorry, my post is this long. But I wanted to make sure I'm taking the right decision. Thank you for reading. Any feedback will be highly appreciated. Thanks in advance!

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