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  1. Hello Maybe someone can help me out I want to create a scaled up solid 3D model of an Diatom to be exactly the "Donkina Recta" I have attached some pictures it looks simple but i cant get the shape modeled. Is there an easy way? Or get i really to old for that cr..p.? Any help or hint will be appreciated. Br Peter
  2. R.P.S

    Cylindrical Package Redesign

    Hello maybe you should look into the solutions similar this kind of cylindrical tube packings are often used for drills and in fishing gears for rods and floats mostly closed with plastic caps. regards Peter
  3. Hello and welcome to the forum I watch at that and think its scary i don't want to be near that by 3000rpm. I see only more mass to accelerate and to stop, more friction (significant more), more parts, more possible failures. maybe you can explain how that model is related to cleaner energy? perhaps there something i don't see but the energy calculation for that system must be very bad alone the friction and side force on the guidance. regards Peter
  4. R.P.S

    Usee4Me Needs Help!

    Hello We are working to create the worlds first online platform where clients can connect to a global network of people with smart phones. These people (agents), will be ready to help perform a wide variety of tasks. They will carry out the tasks whilst simultaneously streaming live video directly back to the client on demand. In exchange for this service the agents will receive reasonable compensation. In order to maintain the momentum of the current and ongoing development and programming of the website up to public beta launch, in a limited scope, we require funding. This is where you come in: http://igg.me/p/213956?a=594893 The funds you contribute will be used to maintain the current and ongoing development and programming of the website whilst allowing us to gain access to the necessary additional funding required for the global development of business operations. If you can’t afford to contribute, we understand, but you can help us in many other ways.Get the word out and make some noise about our campaign, you can use the Indiegogo share tools! Thanks for helping and sharing Peter
  5. R.P.S

    Lambert Designs

    Hello and welcome I love the tree very nice Regards Peter
  6. R.P.S

    Chess Set For The Blind-Inspired

    Hello You have some pictures or maybe a link you want to share with us? Thanks Peter
  7. R.P.S

    Chess Set For The Blind-Inspired

    A Chessboard for the Blind - Chess.com An Article on Chess.com thanks to Sarah regards Peter
  8. R.P.S

    Chess Set For The Blind-Inspired

    i could not find any advertising for the blind so i think the only practical way is radio. will try to reach the local station here and ask for advice
  9. R.P.S

    Chess Set For The Blind-Inspired

    Thanks I face now the problem "how to advertise/promote a project for blind people"??? They cant see the pictures they cant read a newsletter. Maybe someone has a bright idea on how to present the whole board visual more impressive. Help and advise are very welcome Peter
  10. R.P.S

    Chess Set For The Blind-Inspired

    Thanks I was really surprised about that problem with a chessboard for the blinds but since 1848 there was no significant development. regards Peter
  11. R.P.S

    Chess Set For The Blind-Inspired

    I have decide to go into production with the chessboard so here http://chessboard-for-the-blind.blogspot.de/ i will post some updates and details. regards Peter
  12. Hello with an rough sketch of the shape it would be easier to help you on prototyping. There are already many TPU bottles/bags out in the stores maybe you should buy one and modify them. Regards Peter
  13. R.P.S

    Clock Project

    Hi Im sorry but i don't get your point anyway If you find someone who pay 75 pound for that watch you better change from design to Sales-genius. regards Peter
  14. R.P.S

    Lighting Design

    Hello I think there CCFL tubes inside as in screenbacklights they are 3mm or less in diameter cheap avaiable with a good livetime nice item to play with in some lighting projects Peter
  15. I read the topic today http://www.productde...ind-in-10-days/ and had think instead of an experimental task for the design step why not doing a real product. As mentioned there in GonzoInventor's Topic i think a flat surface would be the right way to go for so its possible for a blind person to "overview" the play board and positions before make a move. A simple push on to a field makes it comes up or stay down. I think its worth to produce. Any comment, critic or other thoughts are very welcome. Regards Peter

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