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  1. designworks

    Chess Set For The Blind-Inspired

    wow what a great concept. The design is just perfect, I think the factor that the players may knock over chess pieces will be surely notable at first but since visually impaired peope have outstanding ability with having a sense of space memory... I am not sure what they call itl, but... they will surely adapt fast with that problem. I hope all goes well with this project. Good Luck!.
  2. designworks

    Cad On Mobile

    Some available apps today provides decent work, however, most drawing apps are not accurate and precise enough for editing tasks though they are just good enough for viewing purposes. If such apps will be available it would certainly prove useful to a lot of designers especially if you are on the go. Moments where you suddnely get an idea but you are not bringing your laptop with you, then having such apps will surely be helpful.
  3. designworks

    Universal Design

    Inclusive design targets the demands for the usability of products so that it can be easily used by as many people as possible. A good example of this washing machines that are designed to have braille markings. Smart phones with virtual assistants which can be very helpful for users that have problem reading since a text message can be read and reply can be recognized, typed and sent by the virtual assistant on a smart phone. Universal design is considered as a transgenerational design.
  4. designworks

    Mechanical Engineering Vs. Industrial Design

    Mechanical Engineers basicaly creates machines. They may enhance existing ones or come up with new technology. There are a couple of sub specialties under mechanical engineering. Like the following; Aerospace engineering, Agricultural engineering, Bio mechanical, computer, geological, industrial, manufacturing and mining engineering. What industrial designers function includes determining the ergonomics, usability and aesthetics of products that are mass produced. Their main job here is to improve existing design, marketing, function and engineering of the product. For products that are not yet released, it is common that both industrial designer and engineers work hand in hand to achieve great results. Industrial designers are those generally rendering designs using CAD programs with 3D visuals and the engineers are the ones making all the designs come to life. In simpler words i belive that a mechanical engineer is more of a "bits and pieces" function while an industrial designer is more of "over all look and functions"
  5. Black nickel plating is said to be an alloy deposit from nickel and zinc... the corosion resistance is somehow questionable because basically, nickel plating is just the conversion of the coating of the nickel's surface. However, in terms of accuracy and due to the fact that the process is inexpensive because it is readily electroformable. On the other hand teflon coating or PTFE is widely used in different ways, from the kitchen to the outer space, it is weatherproof and self lubricating it may also be considered cost effective. Teflon is moste commonly used for nozzles so with this two I think it is more practical to go for teflon.
  6. designworks


    Color sense or taste in selection of color is a common problem for designers. Most people agree that when it comes to color sense, it is basically innate in them, but then again experience is also a great factor to develop this ability. Basically what you need to focus on in colors are base, materials and shading. The base color is the main theme or color scheme while shading is just a component to give depth to the whole object. Materials ofcourse defines your object. The knowledge and practice of using complementary colors, triad and tetrad combinations will also help you to somehow "feel right" about your color selections... though honestly it is still your "eye" for the color that makes your taste effective or not.
  7. designworks

    Best Laptop For Solidworks.

    There is no specific best laptop for Solidworks although you need to keep in mind that with that program you will need high specs for RAM and the processor 2GH or higher, graphics card will be a good help too though it isn't quite a need since Solidworks does not use your graphics card in complicated processes. You might as well take note that if you are running this in HD or in higher resolution you might need a RAM that is at least 6GB. In buying laptops it is best to stick with the specifications the program you wish to run requires, create a list from the top makers of these laptop and then check customer reviews in forums or such to see if the purchase will be well worth it.
  8. designworks

    What Drawing Exercises Do You Do?

    Daily shape drawing exercise is encourage to loosend up your hands. This exercise also enhances your skill in drawing with your own eyes or as you see objects faster and more accurately. Here are the steps; 1. gather what you need; very sharp pencil, tracing paper, plain white paper, kneading eraser and timer. 2. draw a random shape on the white paper, create straight lines and curved lines. 3. Attempt to copy the random shape you just drew, draw on the tracing paper... and do not forget to set the timer. 4. After your first attempt, place it over the shape you are trying to copy. 5. just keep doing this until you get it perfectly, note the time it took you to finish the task and the number of attempts done. Do not forget the date. I hope this helps.
  9. designworks

    A New Way To Make Money With Your Designs?

    3D Printing is definitely one of the modern day wonders of technology, it is also a great way to produce your designs at a very low cost and almost instantly. It is a good outlet to make money out of your 3D renderings, it might actually hit the market of personalized figurines. The trick here is to find a reliable 3D printing machine if you are planning to use it for heavy duty printing, but generaly it is cheap to buy and maintain this type of technology. Investing in a low quality machine might just lead you to more expenses in the long run.
  10. SolidWorks is actually said to better in terms of using it for furntiture designs. Geometry can be quickly accomplished with it as it easy to cut pieces accurately. There is a feature for joining woods, as well as for mechanical fasteners for assembling systems. I find weldments or stock wood of different sizes handy when it comes to creating frames. If you try to search online there are actually downloadable toolset you can use for woodworking which will make furniture design with this program easier.
  11. designworks


    It generally depends on where you are and your target market. Do a list of your expertise VS your target by then you can at least do a narrower approach on where your skill will be much needed, therefore, you will be benefited more too
  12. As far as I know, Industrial design is basically the mother of product design itself. It is like industrial design is being a doctor and product design is being a pediatrician, so to say it is a specialization. Other branches of industrial design are; furniture design, toy design, footwear design, pop design, environmental design, jewelry design.
  13. designworks

    How To Get The Clients From Linkedin?

    To make the most of linkedin and find clients I suggest you do the following: -complete profile -previous job details -emphasize you strengths -Do not forget to include your portfolio and your website's link -participate and communicate with people in that virtual community as much as possible. This is basically because you will be able to communicate with fellow clients, seekers and vendors. By having a broad connection, you will also be able to be ranked when it comes to searches.
  14. designworks

    Used To Determine All

    Pencil.... it allows you to make mistakes and have a chance to correct if needed (whew so profound) but for more formal writing i use pens...
  15. designworks

    Creative Quotations!

    "-Creativity is allowing yourself to make mistakes -Art is knowing whic ones to keep"

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