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  1. I think many of you have come across some unexpected errors for several reasons in the daily design. Here I list some as a start. Since each uses different software, conditions maybe different, my solutions just can be taking as reference. The software exit when you revise your drawings or making other actions. You can open Drawing Utilities from the File on the menu and select Audit to revise. If there are still problems after recovery. Creating a new design environment. First, creating a file and then inserting the file to be revised as a block. Taking notice that changing the coordinate when inserting, for instance, if the original coordinate is (0, 0), changing it to (1, 1). Moving it to the (0, 0) coordinate after inserting. Switching between high version and low version will lead to errors sometimes. Solution to this error is creating a new file with the high version and opening the original drawing. Selecting the Copy with Base Point command from the Edit after selected all the entities. Copying the selected entities to the new file and converts it into low version. When fatal errors come out and need to be revised, we can create a new file and open the file to be revised. Press ESC many times when the file is loading.The following step is inputting Dxfin on the command line. Selecting the exported file and save it after loaded successfully.
  2. GreatStar

    My Car Design Sketches

    Wonderful sketches! Make further efforts and your dream will come true one day!
  3. GreatStar

    Made Better In China

    I think so. More and more chinese brands have strong competitiveness in the international market.
  4. GreatStar

    Product Design To Mechanical Design To ?

    You can find a software used for electronics/electro mechanics design first and familiar with such kind of design. You can also find related tutorials on Internet. Whenever I want to learn something, I'll search the intenet to find the related material.
  5. A new architecture software-GstarCAD2012 Architecture is in development and will be launched soon. A variety of features have been unveiled: two-dimensional construction drawing and three-dimensional model can be generated synchronously, Parametric Automation and dwg-compatible. http://www.gstarcad.net/news_detail.php?id=125 Is it different from your currently used software for AEC industry?
  6. GreatStar

    Door Of Time

    Innovative idea. But it can only tells time for hours not minute. Maybe you can add more if tells about minutes, suppose time is 7:15 am, button 7 turns green, button 1 and button 5 turn to another color.
  7. GreatStar

    My Sketches Tow Years Before

    That's good sketches.
  8. GreatStar

    Is It Possiable?

    See the picture I've seen. Can a building be built on such place?
  9. It's true. At the very beginning, they just want attract users because most of these apps are free!
  10. I first heard AutoCAD’s WS, then some other apps sprung up like mushrooms. Boeing even brought its nine decades of aviation innovation to iPad. Siemens is developing its app on mobile. Upgraded MC from GstarCAD was released, just name few. The companies who already launched their mobile apps are improving their products and companies who haven’t are developing. Is it relating to the recently statements (From Eric Jackson’s article that Google and Facebook might completely disappear in the next 5 years.) that the third generation will be Mobile? Maybe it’ll become true.
  11. GreatStar

    How To Get The Clients From Linkedin?

    To get clients, you should make the clients trust you. You can help them and share your experience and post some useful or interesting thread. You should not talk with them about your business in the first place. If they are interested in you, they will ask you.
  12. GreatStar

    Everyone's Age.....

    Only find I'm too old...
  13. GreatStar


    According to Gstarsoft’s report that they’ve completed their marketing symposium and also arranged the sightseeing and delicious local food: http://www.gstarcad.net/news_detail.php?id=115.
  14. GreatStar

    Google Drive

    Google launch Google Drive for storing and sharing files. And it outdoes Dropbox by giving 5GB of capacity for free. Good for sharing or discussing your drawings with others. Let's waiting for its coming.
  15. GreatStar

    Cad On Mobile

    Mobile apps seem to become a trend. Many companies bring their software to mobile. In that case, users can view and edit or make other actions to their drawings. How do you think so? Are these apps on mobile really meet your requirement?

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