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  1. Im looking to make a small sculpture of sushi and fake pills and am unsure how to proceed. I was thinking of creating the pills and sushi as 3d models then sending that off to a 3d printer, but this would be rather expensive as each piece of sushi has been quoted from several vendors to cost 20.00 pounds each! Ill need around 6-8 pieces of sushi. As for the pills, my options seem to be either cheap paracetamol/cold pills from the shop, or expensive pill presses to make my own extacy style pills with those little emblems/logos on them. I was thinking I could perhaps create one pill out of clay, then sculpt my own little embem/logo on it, then make a cast out of that but have not idea what to do after the cast making. Im fairly good with my hands and 3d programs like 3ds max/blender, just dont really know how to execute this concept, any help would be appreciated!
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    Hello Product Design community, Im a freelance graphic designer with a few ideas to branch out, hopefully this place is the right place for that Cheers

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